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Theraline Flexible Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow Review

Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review

First of all, the Theraline pregnancy and nursing pillow is the number one seller in Europe.  This is a very versatile pregnancy pillow.  Because, this pregnancy pillow can be used for various reasons.  Use this pregnancy pillow for numerous sleeping positions since it is a flexible pregnancy pillow.  And, continue using it as a nursing pillow.  Bend the pregnancy pillow just the way you like.  Yet, the pillow will stay stable due to it’s micro bead filling.  And, even though this is a great stable pillow it is still light weight!  In summary, we recommend trying our this flexible pregnancy pillow.  It is perfect for getting relief for your legs, belly, or back.

In addition, this is a multifunctional pregnancy pillow.  So, don’t just consider using it as a pregnancy or nursing pillow.  Consider also using this flexible pillow to relax while reading or watching television.  Also, the pillow offers leg support for lateral sleeping.

We strongly encourage all of our clients to read numerous pregnancy pillow reviews prior to making a decision!

Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow with Removable Zippered Cover, Purple Water Dots

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Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review: Washing Instructions

Both the inner and outer pregnancy pillow cases are 100% cotton.  So, they can be washed at up to 140 degrees F.  However, avoid using bleach.  Dry on your dryer’s lowest heat setting.  Be sure not to wash the pillow itself as the filling material could damage your washing machine.

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Flexible Pregnancy Pillow Features

The Theraline Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow has many features and they consist of:

Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review Features

  • Stable support
  • Offers relief for legs, belly, and back
  • Easy to change sleeping positions
  • Can also be used to help breast feed your baby
  • Molds to baby’s body

In addition, one of the best features of this pillow is its versatility.

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Theraline Flexible Pregnancy Pillow Review Video

THERALINE NursingPillow

The Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow The most comfortable pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding Stable support during your pregnancy Relief for legs, ...

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Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review Price History

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Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review

This is an excellent choice when it comes to flexible pregnancy pillows. Can be used from 1st trimester all the way through nursing your baby.

  • Soft & Flexible
  • Micro-beads mould well to your body
  • Can be used as a sleep aid OR nursing pillow
  • Bulky - too big to travel with
  • Pillow tends to hold in heat
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