U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows: Everything You Need to Know

Trying to learn more about how a u-shaped pregnancy pillow can benefit you and your sleep? Read our guide to find out more.

If you are recently pregnant, chances are you are wondering how to get a good night of sleep. Everyone knows that sleep is important for a healthy pregnancy and baby, but it can be hard to come by as the weeks tick by. Are you looking for a way to get a sound night of sleep when pregnant? If so,  u-shaped pregnancy pillows can be an excellent tool to help you get there.

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What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is any pillow designed to help pregnant women sleep in a safe and comfortable position. When pregnant, left side sleeping is the best for both mom and baby. Pregnancy pillows offer support for your entire body. This way you are able to sleep in a stable left side position. Pregnancy pillows also help align your joints for a more comfortable and less painful night of sleep.

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How Does it Work?

Most pregnancy pillows work by taking the idea of a standard pillow, and making it bigger, longer, and better shaped. Once the pillow is long enough to suit your body, you can contour it to hug every curve. By cradling your pregnant belly, you will be able to get needed support throughout the night.

With a U-shaped pregnancy pillow, you use the top portion of the pillow (which is the bottom of the “U”) like a typical bed pillow. The U will support your head and neck, and keep your spine in perfect alignment. The “legs” of the U then go down either side of your body. You can bend either leg to go between your knees for ultimate comfort and joint support. Once you are in the correct position, your whole body is aligned, from head to toe.

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Are Pregnancy Pillows Safe?

Pregnancy pillows are just as safe as any standard bed pillow. There is no reason that sleeping with a u-shaped pregnancy pillow would not be safe for a pregnant woman. In fact, a pregnancy pillow will help you stay in a stable position on your left side. This will make sleeping overall safer for both you and your baby. Most pillows are made with all natural materials, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or sensitivities as well.

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Why U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows come in many different shapes and sizes. However, u-shaped pregnancy pillows are quite unique. The double length of the U-shape makes this pillow ideal for those who switch positions often during the night. WIth a standard pregnancy pillow, you would have to physically move the pillow to suit your sleeping arrangements if you switch sides during the night. This interruption of sleep can make it harder to fall back to sleep after. By having the comfort of the entire pregnancy pillow down both sides of your body, you will be able to enjoy an even more restful night of sleep.

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Will I Really Use A U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

Specialty items during pregnancy can be hit or miss. However, a pregnancy pillow can help you sleep through all nine months and beyond. Not only will you use your u-shaped pregnancy pillow to get a full night of rest, but it has other great uses as well. If you enjoy sitting up in bed to read, watch TV, or eat, your pregnancy pillow can support your upper and lower body for hours at a time. Simply arrange the sides to cradle you in any position that you desire.

After pregnancy, you can use the pillow to nurse or feed your baby. The additional support of a pregnancy pillow will make feeding go smoothly by keeping baby in an ideal position for nursing or bottle feeding. Many women enjoy their pregnancy pillows so much that they continue to use them as sleep positioners for years to come.

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At the End of the Day…

If you aren’t sleeping well during pregnancy, you need to make a change, and quickly! But when pregnant, you don’t have too many choices. Prescription sleep aids are not safe for use, and things generally get harder as the trimesters go on. By investing in a u-shaped pregnancy pillow, you are giving your body a better chance at having a restful night’s sleep. If you haven’t slept well, then it can be hard to function the next day. Add this lack of sleep onto a stressed and growing pregnant body, and you have a recipe for disaster. Instead of suffering through yet another painful night of restless sleep, find a pregnancy pillow that is right for your body and your situation. Once you are sleeping solidly through the night, your entire outlook and mood will change for the better!

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