Pregnancy Pillow Comparison

Compare Pregnancy Pillows

So, has compiled a list of our favorite pregnancy pillows.   Take a look at the easy to read pregnancy pillow comparison chart at the bottom of this page. Use the chart below to sort through the various pregnancy body pillows that are on the market today.  The perfect pregnancy pillow for you will vary based on your personal preferences and needs.  So, we suggest you read through the numerous reviews on this site before making a decision.  Then, you can decided which pregnancy pillow will be best for you.  Most of all, we want you to find a pregnancy pillow that will help you get some quality sleep every night of your pregnancy.

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Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows

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Full Length Pregnancy Body Pillows

First of all, the most common pregnancy pillow is a full-length pregnancy body pillow.  Because, full body pregnancy pillows offer support from head-to-toe.  Usually, they are 5′ – 6′ in length.  Therefore, these pillow do take up a lot of space!  However, most of our clients do love them due to the comfort levels they are able to provide.

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Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

The second most popular style of pregnancy pillows are shaped.  As you will see in our pregnancy pillow buyer’s guide chart below, there are quite a few shapes available on the market.  Pregnancy pillows are often referred to as a C, J, U, or V shaped pregnancy pillow.  Mostly, we advise our clients to take a hard look at U-shaped pillows.  Because, we have had numerous reports of happiness after our clients are able to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep using a U-shaped pregnancy pillow.

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Flexible Pregnancy Pillows

Yet another option to consider is a flexible pregnancy pillow.  And, even some full length pregnancy body pillows as well as shaped pregnancy body pillows are flexible.  Having a flexible pillow allows you to contour the pillow around your body exactly as you desire.  Every woman’s body goes through various changes in body size during pregnancy.  Therefore, having a flexible pregnancy pillow can help you remain comfortable sleeping.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

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Quick Pregnancy Pillow Buyer’s Guide

Usually, price is the first component of buying a pregnancy pillow that pop’s in a mom to be’s head.  And, while everyone needs to watch how much money they spend, be careful not to jump the gun on a decision.  Please be sure to carefully read several of our pregnancy pillow reviews prior to purchasing one.  In fact, you may stumble across a pregnancy pillow feature that you decide you must have.  And, more often than not, this feature will not be included on the cheapest pregnancy pillow.

Next, determine your sleeping position.  If you are a stomach sleeper, then look for the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers.  Or, if you sleep on your side look for the best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers.  However, sometimes pregnant women change their traditional sleeping position due to the changes in their body shape.  So, if you are ordering a pregnancy pillow prior to actually having to sleep while pregnant keep in mind your sleeping position may change.

Most importantly, please read pregnancy pillow reviews!  We have compiled a lot of reviews here on our pregnancy pillow buying guide.  And, word of mouth is always helpful.  So, don’t be afraid to ask other mothers and mom’s to be what pregnancy pillow recommendations they have.  Because, at the end of the day you just want a great pregnancy body pillow that will keep you comfortable!

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Best Pregnancy Pillow Comparison Chart:

  • Pillow Rating
  • Pillow Shape
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Filling