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Awesling U Shape Pregnancy Pillow Review

Awesling U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The Awesling u-shaped pregnancy pillow is an excellet choice for many women. Because, as your body changes throughout the various trimesters, you can simply change the configuration of this pregnancy pillow. Perhaps you wake numerous times a night to dash to the restroom? The Awesling pregnancy pillow facilitates falling back asleep.

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Awesling Maternity and Nursing U Shaped Pillow


  • Best Pregnancy Pillow: Whether you’re in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester, our comfy pillow will surround you and your baby with soft cushioning and support. Relax in pure comfort. It’s a wonderful gift for expecting mothers!
  • Fully Adjustable Body Pillow: The multi-position pillow offers you a variety of sleeping positions! Remove the side and use as a knee rest. Then, snuggle into the C-shaped pillow allowing it to cradle your body.
  • Ergonomic Bonus Pillow: This complete maternity care pillow set includes a small 45⁰ angle pillow which is perfect for propping your baby bump to lessen the strain on your back muscles while sleeping.
  • Just as Comfortable for Men: Adults of all ages and sizes will benefit from our cozy cushion designed to embrace your total body while sleeping on your side, back or stomach.
  • Protect Your Healing Body: Use as a post-surgery pillow to offer padding where you need it. Whether you’ve had knee or hip replacement, spinal or shoulder surgeries, this pillow will help.

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U-Shaped and Configurable for Perfect Placement

The Awesling pregnancy pillow has been designed to adjust easily! In addition to configuring the pillow itself, add or remove the filling! Simply open the pillow and add or remove filling to adjust the firmness. Therefore, easily create the perfect pregnancy pillow. Finally, prepare for better sleep with this u shaped pregnancy pillow! Yet, the Awesling pregnancy pillow has an affordable price. Additionally, read more U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews.

Awesling 60in Full Body Pillow | Nursing, Maternity and Pregnancy Body Pillow | Extra Large U Shape Pillow and Lounger...

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Awesling Pregnancy Pillow Materials

This comforting pregnancy pillow features a hypoallergenic velvet cover. Don’t worry as it does not smell! The outer cover is easy to throw in the washing machine. Additionally, this cover is soft and skin friendly. Most of all, add or remove the 7D PP cotton filling to reduce or increase pillow firmness. Finally, get the support your body needs with this configurable pregnancy pillow.

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Configurable Pregnancy Pillow

First of all, this multi combination pillow is outstanding! Configure this pregnancy pillow to cater to your preferred sleeping position. And, the detachable side assists in achieving better sleep. Furthermore, it converts to a fantastic breast feeding pillow. In conclusion, the Awesling configurable pregnancy pillow is an editor’s choice!

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Awesling Pillow Full Body Support

This pregnancy pillow comes in at 60 inches by 30 inches by 7.5 inches in size. The Awesling body pillow configures to work for numerous sleeping positions. Achieve full body support including: head and shoulder support, belly support, back support, leg support, and feet support. Additionally, the pillow includes an additional removable bonus pillow.

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Awesling Pregnancy Pillow Review Price History

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Awesling Pregnancy Pillow Review

The Awesling 60 inch full body pillow is amazing. This configurable pregnancy pillow wins an editor's choice award from Best Pregnancy Body Pillow.

  • Affordable
  • Configurable
  • Full Body Support
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Some women do not care for the velvet exterior.
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