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Angel Pregnancy Pillow: Premium U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

Angel Pregnancy Pillow: Premium U-Shaped Pillow Review

Pregnancy pillows may seem like a luxury before you get pregnant. However, once you hit your first night of less-than-ideal sleep, you will probably be feeling otherwise! A soft and cradling pregnancy pillow isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. The Angel Pregnancy Pillow – with Comfy Jersey Double Zipper Pillowcase – Nursing Support Pillow for Back Pain and Side Sleeping is a good choice for those who desire an affordable pregnancy pillow. This one has all the bells and whistles! The length, stylish design, and healing benefits will draw you to this product… and the amazing customer service will help solidify your choice.  Read about other U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows here on BestPregnancyBodyPillow!

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U-Shaped Angel Premium Pregnancy Pillow Features

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Extra Long Sides

The Angel Pregnancy Pillow with premium u-shaped design is over five feet long. That means this pillow will help keep you comfortable from head to toe (and everything in between!).  Whether you like to curl up or spread out, this pregnancy pillow offers maximum support. The oversized length of each side  is unique to this pillow. Many other pregnancy pillows offer shorter sides, which may not give you all of the coverage you deserve.

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Stylish Choice of Covers

Most pregnancy pillows come in only one color: white. That isn’t the case with this Premium Angel Pregnancy Pillow! It is available in two stylish, yet neutral colors. Better yet, several more colors are available for later purchase. A great item to add to your registry if you want to switch out the look to match your current decor. After you give birth, this pillow can be repurposed as a nursing pillow. Having a few extra covers will definitely come in handy when feeding a messy newborn! This pillow is very easy to clean and cover since the zipper goes all the way around.

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Soft and Pliable

This is not a stiff pillow. This pregnancy body pillow bends, moves, and breathes. Air flows easily through the jersey cover and synthetic inner core, keeping you cool and sweat-free. Since this pillow is specifically designed with pregnant women in mind, it’s able to form to your body no matter what trimester you are in!

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New Ergonomic Design

The newer design of this pillow allows for the latest research on ergonomics to shine through. A standard rectangular body pillow just can’t do the same job. The Angel Premium U-Shape Body Pillow has contours that mold to your pregnant body, offering substantial support in the areas that you need it most. Your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, knees, and ankles will all find support with this pillow. And, of course, your pregnant belly! No regular pillow can do the work that this pillow does with ease.

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Superb Customer Service

This isn’t exactly a feature of the pregnancy pillow, but of the service. Angel, the maker of this pillow, will issue a full refund within 30 days of purchase for unsatisfied customers. Maybe other companies will not allow you to return a used pillow. If you are unsure about how a pregnancy pillow might work for your body, this one is a great option.

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Promotes Health and Healing

Something that pregnant moms don’t often consider is how they will get comfortable after they give birth. Depending on what kind of birth you have, your needs will be very different. However, the Angel Premium U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow really has you covered. If you have a natural birth experience, this pillow will help you stay aligned and promote circulation after the pain of birth. Recovering from surgery? The pillow can support your midsection while you sit up and relax, in a way that no ordinary pillow can. The increased circulation may even help you heal faster. Also, this pillow isn’t just for pregnant moms. Anyone recovering from surgery can find relief with this contoured support pillow. Sports injuries, muscle pain, and arthritic stiffness can also be alleviated after a few nights of solid rest.


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9.5 Total Score
Angel Pregnancy Pillow Review

This pregnancy body pillow will thoroughly support anyone who needs a more comfortable night of sleep. Maybe you are pregnant now. Maybe you recently gave birth. Maybe you have an old injury, or you are recovering from surgery. No matter what the reason, sleep is something that you deserve. Bottom line is, you need a pregnancy body pillow to sleep well, and this Angel Premium pillow gets the job done right.

  • Soft Jersey Cover - Washable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great for Numerous Positions
  • Some may find the pillow to be too large in size
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